Dating a vintage Kelly

  1. Hi ladies, this may be totally impossible, but just want to check!
    My vintage Kelly has no date stamp so I know that it is pre 1970, I have sent it to Paris for repairs and also asked if they can tell what age it is. I have had a voicemail today saying that it is between 1953 and 1970 so this may be totally impossible but I wondered if any vintage experts could maybe give me a closer idea on here.
    I don't have any interior photos but the large pocket doesn't have a zip and the tirette (at least I think that is what it's called, long piece of leather holding the clochette) is not doubled over and stitched, just one single strip with no backing. I have seen pre 70's Kelly's with a zip and with the doubled over tirette so I'm not sure if this is age related or not?
    It's not essential, but it would be lovely to know if it is 1960's 1950's or just a rough idea!
    The padlock number has no Hermes stamp and the number 001 if that helps and I have external pictures.
    I'm guessing that if Hermes can't date it then these things are just random but thought I'd ask in case as my knowledge of Hermes is extremely limited. Thank you :smile:
  2. You could post a pic of the bag for starters. You can gauge the age by the zipper pull, clochette and more definitive by the handle. A lot of 50, 60's have had the handle replaced but if it's all original you can tell the difference as the handles were more flat and pliable.
  3. image.jpg image.jpeg
    Thanks for getting back to me. As the bag is away I don't have many pictures but do these help?
  4. I think this is a bag much closer to the 70s heres why i think this the color of the rouge H is indeed more red when bags of the 1950s as i have seen them tend to be more brownish maybe because of the passing of time. also the handle does not seem as flat. also the corners are very defined 50s bags were rounder but again this is based on how i have seen bags from various eras.hope it helps darling. birkel.
  5. Thank you :smile:
  6. I have to agree with Birkel, the bag leans more towards early 70's, very early. It's a lovely bag, enjoy❤️
  7. Thank you :smile: I will! Can't wait for her to come back from Paris, she's my first Hermes bag and I found her in Paris on our third wedding anniversary which is leather I believe. I sent her back for repairs within a couple of days, so although she's a bit tatty, she's special to me and I'm very excited to be able to use her!
  8. One word: BEAUTIFUL :love:
  9. Aww, thank you :smile:
  10. Gorgeous bag, and I concur, no older than 60's is what it looks like to me given the color. But could still be pre-1970.
  11. Thank you QuelleFromage, it's great to have some idea of how old she actually is. Hopefully I should manage to speak to the SA at selfridges tomorrow to find out how much her repairs are going to be and when she's likely to be back! Either way, she's older than me from the sounds of it :smile:
  12. Oooooo. That luscious look on the leather...

    Enjoy the bag :smile:
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  13. Your bag looks to be in wonderful condition. And when she returns from her trip to the mothership, she will be even better looking! Thank you for sharing her with us. A little mystery is always an exciting element . . .
  14. Thank you! She has quite worn corners, a little colour missing from one top edge of the flap and a very slightly cracked handle (which I didn't realise was an issue when I bought her) so I fear her repairs may be expensive, but she was the lowest priced Kelly I had ever seen, I found her in Paris, thought she was beautiful and I never thought I would own one so she is special (and worth the repairs) to me :smile: I just wish I could get hold of the estimate, but I missed the call from the SA and can't get Selfridges Hermes to answer the phone!
  15. Your Kelly is very pretty and the patina/color is wonderful.
    Brace yourself for the handle replacement estimate. It's the most costly repair.
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