Dates for NYC Chanel Mobile Art Exhibit?

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  1. hi everyone! could someone please confirm the dates for this exhibit? i'm planning a trip to nyc and would love to attend. any other info (is it free to the public as i read somewhere and if not, is it poss to buy tickets ahead of time?) you can point me to would be much appreciated! TIA!!
  2. thanks! so excited!!
  3. i am soo excited to go! Maybe we should try to meet up on a specific day and go together whoever wants to attend!

  4. we should def do this!! great suggestion. brunch. exhibit. stop by chanel. :smile:
  5. ^thanks! i read the article in the nytimes but the link to book tickets online is not working, wah. i hope it won't be a problem to get in as i will have a whole week there!
  6. I just went to the website, and it says booking available on September 23, 2008. Now does "booking" mean that's when the tickets become available, so I long on that day to reserve them?

    Thanks, I know this is a stupid question, but I want to make sure :shame:.
  7. That's how I interpreted it as well -- reservation requests start on Sept 20.
  8. Thanks jmen! :yes:

    I really want to go and don't want to miss out :nuts:.