dates for Fall Fashion Week in NYC

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  1. which week is usually the fall fashion collection week in NYC. For this 2008? thanks
  2. i believe sometime in october, but i'm not positive about the dates. i'll find out and let you know!
  3. Spring/summer '08 is this past week, but fall/winter isn't until March or February..
  4. Spring just ended... fall will be sometime in early Spring (can't quite remember).
  5. i have been trying to do a google search but no matter if iI type "fall/winter" or "Spring" or anything it brings up talk about this week in NYC.

    I am trying to plan what weeks I will take vacation in 2008.

    I know that the Spring collection show is the 2nd week or so in September 2008.

    But, when is the Fall collection?

    I know I was there in 2006. But, I took 3 or 4 of trips to NYC in the Spring of 2006. I have written on one calendar that I was there from March 16-18th. Does that sound right?

    I have tried to google this. I can't belive it is SO hard!
  6. Hi,
    It just just ended in NY. However, go to and you'll get all the collection events coming up.....and anything about fashion.


  7. looks like i was way off!