Dates for Ebay changes

  1. FYI

    This is information I got from Live Help...

    11:30:14 PM
    Just wondering when the changes go into effect
    11:30:29 PM Bernadette E.
    For fees, it will be on Feb. 20, 2008.
    11:30:59 PM Bernadette E.
    Let me double check on the feedback.
    11:34:14 PM Bernadette E.
    Feedback changes will be on May but the date is not yet final. You may wait for further verification in our Announcement Boards.
    11:34:23 PM
    Thanks Bernadette! Have a great night!
  2. Thanks forenfinal for that info there is so much confusion going on with the changes .
  3. Thanks for the info!
    I'm going to try to get stuff sold by then, I really don't plan on selling much, if anything, after that date.
  4. Me too!! I am gonna clear out all my bags just sitting in the closet!! I am done with that mess.
  5. Ugh I know!
    I really haven't been selling much lately anyway (I have auctions up and have watchers, then they stop watching before the item ends) so it's not like it's going to be a huge loss. :sad:
  6. Thank you so much. I wish they were clearer about this when they sent the email! They need a better legal team. *grumpy*
  7. thanks for the info - I thought the email I received was kind of vague so I appreicate this post.
  8. Wait, I think I'm confused: Isn't this a good thing, that the seller fees are reduced? My major gripe with eBay were the high seller fees, and then I switched to Auctiva. Why are you ladies saying you won't be selling after Feb 20th? Won't it be more in the sellers favor then? I think I might be misreading something...
  9. The listing fees went down.... FVF went UP. Only PowerSellers are getting any real breaks.
  10. Also: don't forget to read the thread about new feedback policies....
  11. Yup, like sara said, sure they may have decreased those things, but they RAISED the Final Value Fee, meaning you end up paying more in the end. It's really pointless.
    And like she also said, it really only benefits Powersellers, the private sellers just getting rid of stuff we don't use anymore are the ones getting hit.
  12. That's pretty stupid, I've only just started selling on eBay over the last few months and this is honestly ridiculous... with the ebay fees, paypal fees and all, we hardly make any profit now. We're now basically paying a big company to take away our stuff. :wtf:
  13. Thanks for the heads-up. Regarding the proposed changes to the feedback system -- I'm glad they don't have an exact date yet (the earliest I heard was May)......I talked to my PowerSeller account manager for 28 minutes on the phone yesterday and he shared with me some honest (but pretty disturbing) motives behind eBay's plans to do away with buyer feedback. I took down notes and will post more tonight. If you're a PowerSeller and have a personal account manager that you've talked to before, please call them up and voice your opinions. Eliminating buyer feedback is going to put sellers -- especially those who sell high-end, high-value items -- at a HUGE, HUGE RISK.....and I urge any other PowerSeller out there who's concerned to call their account manager and discuss it with them.....ask them to relay your concerns to upper management. I don't know about others but my acct. manager was very frank & straightforward with me about why eBay is truly changing their feedback system and said he will relay some of the concerns I'd voiced (and buyer scam scenarios he's never even considered before) to his management. Don't know if that's going to make any difference but the alternative is sitting here and doing nothing about it. I have a terribly bad feeling already about the elimination of buyer feedback and how it's going to turn the marketplace into one where buyers & scammers of all sorts are calling the shots and free to do as they choose w/o any consequences.