Dateline NBC's To Catch a Predator

  1. So basically the entire show is about people catching online predators?

    And there's multiple episodes of this?

    Are they in different states or cities? (Tonight's episode is set in Texas.)
  2. sounds like a great show, what time is it on?
  3. Its in different cities. Yes, caitlin that is what the show is about. Watch it tonight. One of the predators is a assistant district attorney who ends up killing himself over getting arrested. This week is part one, next Tuesday is the second half which I thinks goes more into his suicide. Its on NBC & I'm not sure if its on at 8 or 9 pm.
  4. It was on at 8.

    I'm usually in class until 9 pm on Tuesday nights, but my teacher cancelled tonight's class.

    But from what I've seen, it looks interesting.
  5. I found this show very interesting. I was shocked about some of the people that they caught as online predators!!!:wtf:
  6. Really? I'll hve to watch it next time...
  7. This reminds me of Maury's continued DNA testing just keeps going on and on...

    It is a sick and serious subject though
  8. What gets me about this show, they have guys that show up mulitple times! Really sick people.
  9. it IS pretty crazy. it's hard to stomach while you're eating dinner but Dateline and Perverted Justice do a GREAT job. it's really hard to fathom a predator getting caught and prosecuted then going back for more, but it has happened and Dateline and PJ have actually caught multiple predators in different episodes. Here are the stories and transcripts. It's really interesting: MSNBC - 'To Catch a Predator' Front Page
  10. I can't stand this - it is just as bad as the trafficing that goes on around the World - these people should all be locked up!!!
  11. A great show...I can't believe how many people they catch.
  12. i love this show, i'd love to work for one of the organizations that catches guys like this.

  13. I know! I love to watch these shows. Finally someone is doing something to get these sick you know whats from preying on our kids! I remember when I was 13,14,and even 15...getting on the internet and getting sick messages!! I always clicked them off...then eventually stopped going on messenger b/c it was so bad!!
  14. shoot, I used to get a lot of pervs messaging me when I was well over 21 and first got AOL and i wish they could have been arrested just for being jerks. I used to get messages from guys right off the bat asking for sex. A couple times I'd tell them yeah and send them to a bogus address. One guy got really pissed after I sent him to the morgue.
  15. The more that's done to stop people like this, the better.

    I'm a member on another site where some of us found out one of the "super-mods" was a registered sex offender. The site had minors as members and this perv is on MANY sites and mods many of them. We have no doubt he was using the sites as a way to troll for minors.

    We had to complain A LOT to the site admin to get him removed as a mod.