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  1. So, the pic below is of my very First Ever Coach bag. :smile: My boyfriend bought it for my as a birthday gift several years ago. I loved the heck out of it, but haven't carried it in quite awhile. Which leads me to post this question here: is it still okay to wear this bag? Does the scribble pattern appear dated? You know "So 2004"? Thanks!

  2. It's still a very cute bag. If you like it carry it
  3. I agree. If you like it, carry it. I know I'd rock it. :smile:
  4. IMO, I think the date shouldn't matter. The only thing that matters is that you enjoy wearing/carrying the bag. Sometimes, I use my black Coach purse, which I bought 10 years ago. I say just wear/carry the bag in good health.
  5. My sister asked me the same question about a watercolor tote (same shape as yours!) the other day. I don't think older styles look dated at all--in fact, when I see people with them, I'm like 'oh, that's a true Coach lover, not just someone who just buys the newest bags.' They've made different variations of the Scribble over the years, since it is pretty popular, so I personally don't think it looks dated at all. I love Scribble--I think you should carry it as long as you still love it :smile:
  6. I wouldn't care what others think if you like it use it I use a straw hobo over and over every spring and summer.
  7. I'm with everyone else! If you love it then you ROCK it! I have some old signature soho's that I absolutely love and I carry the heck out of them still!
  8. Honestly, most ladies aren't as knowledgeable about Coach or care about the details as much as we do on TPF. Therefore I honestly don't think some lady is going to be snickering at you as they pass because they know your Coach purse is from '04. Frankly it's a super waste to leave a Coach bag sitting in your closet unused. Just use it.
  9. It's a really cute bag, perfect for summer.

    I say rock it out!

    Plus if he sees you using it maybe he will think to get you another one ;)
  10. Personally I do not like to spend a lot on Summer bags because they can very easily get grungy, so even if you think the print is dated the bag would still be great as a knock around bag for the Summer.
  11. I think it's really cute. I would definitely use it and enjoy it. That's what it's there for!
  12. I like the look of the early 2000's bags! Just give this bag a good cleaning, and you'll be on your way!
  13. :rochard: if you like it then i say rock it!
  14. I love it so cute and useful...

    I love all my bags and if they are Older they are just more lovely to me... I also buy bags that a Vintage or just Older bags because they have such charter...
  15. I have the iPod nano case that matches that bag exactly!
    I LOVE the shades of green in the double hangtags.