DATECODE SP2507 - epi ivory speedy 25

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  1. Hello again! Pls help me with the datecode in my epi ivory speedy 25, it was purchased in an LV store in Seoul, South Korea last Sept 2007, I didn't really check the datecode upon purchase but now that i'm planning to sell it i got very bothered :sad: with the datecode inside the bag which is SP2507, can anyone please enlighten me with this datecode:confused1:? i've read through the datecode information thread in PF and could not find an answer, hope to hear from you guys :yes:. pictures are attached too. thanks in advance!

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  2. hi, i did bring this forward on authentication thread,as you have pics, i too have looked at the date code thread, and it does seem wrong, the only thing i can think of it to call the store where you bought it, have you a receipt??? i would of thought you had an answer by now alfie x
  3. Please post a pic of the date code
  4. Thank you for all those who replied :yes:! Here are pics of the datecode. Looking forward to your replies :yes:

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  5. oh it is that code, how strange i'm not an expert, but if addy's on the case you will get your answer:yes: good luck alfie x
  6. I wouldn't bother selling it just because the date code is a little different... it's just a date code!!! You wear the bag, not the date code... remember that. ;)

    This is rare, but has happened before with date codes in the past. SP2507 means that your bag was made in France on the 25th week of 2007.