datecode on viva-cité

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  1. hi,
    this is my very first post so I'm quite excited!!!:wlae:
    I want to buy a monograme viva-cité but the seller says she can't find the datecode. Does any of you know where it's supposed to be?
    I did a search on the site and nothing came up so I apologize if the question has been asked before
    thanks in advance!!!
  2. It was a pain in the butt to find but you can see it inside the large pocket. You basically have to turn the bag inside out and flip it and its on the crease.

  3. THANK YOU! I am not the OP, but I also had a question about the date code. It drove me nuts, but I found it!
    It's AR1014. I think it means -- France, November 2004?
    I'll double-check on the date code board.
    Thanks again!