Datecode on papillon? Where?

  1. Hello,

    I really enjoyed the thread a while ago on date codes and knowing your bag's "born on" date. I have looked all inside my mono 30 pap, even with a torch, plus looking in its mini version, but no code!

    Any of you wise Vuittonites in the know?

    Ta very much.:yes:
  2. [​IMG] HTH !
  3. Thanks Bag Fetish for a great photo!
    I'm off to find that torch again!
  4. no problem, good luck
  5. It is really hard to see. I brought a pap to my SA for authentication and she practically had to turn it inside out to find the datecode.
  6. :smile:
  7. Yes you practically have to turn it inside out and I always feel like Im damaging the bag when I do it.
  8. Hi:biggrin:,hope this helps.Undo the zipper all the way and take a peek inside,should be located near the seam just below the zipper. The mini which comes with it has no date code.:yes: View attachment 32077
  9. ^^^ What model/year papillon is this?
  10. Hi :smile: It's Damier pap 30 2004.
  11. Thank you!:flowers:
  12. hehe, it took me a while to find mine too...
  13. Thanks everyone - I did find it, but yes, had to turn the bag almost inside out. Poor "Henri" didn't know what had happened....