Datecode Location on LV Mono Drouot


Mar 19, 2006
1 MIL gave me this bag (gently used) and told me it was authentic (doesn't have the dust bag) I'm not confident that it's authentic (will be taking it in to the LV boutique) but before I do wanted to know...where the heck is the datecode on this piece...i've looked everything or so I think!

sometimes they are in the craziest took me 3 months to find the datecode in my Duomo!

what i do is start of w/the pocket, of course if there is none, then, duh, LOL.

next, look up inside the bag under the zipper area, or up underneath a tab/strap/etc...more than likely it's embossed into the leather, not on a tab like some of the other mono pieces.

if you can't find it there, then i don't know what to tell ya!!