Datecode Location and Appearance for Montsouris Backpack GM?

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  1. Hey guys, I need a tad of help. I got my Mono Montsouris Backpack GM in the Louis Vuitton Boutique in Garden City, Long Island (inside Macy's) back in 2004. I'm getting ready to sell it and taking pics and all...The datecode...I found it, but have looked at other bags on eBay and when they DO show the tag tab, it has a little LV logo screw on it and golden ring. Mine has the ring, but not the, I got this directly from the boutique and i trust them 100%, know all the SA's, etc...but just seeing some other tags with the screw part and not mine is making me a lil liffy and paranoid. I like, used this a total of 4 times and never touched it and am NOT familiar with this bag and style, coding on it, etc. the datecode tab is also located on the left side of the inside pocket (bag facing buckle front to you). can someone give me some insight, i'll attach a pic of my date code in the bag and and how it looks, thanks!

    I apologize if this needs to be in the authenticate this thread or datecode location thread, but it's more a explaination/style and worry/paranoia

    thanks :heart:
    montgmdatecode.jpg montgminsidetag.jpg montgmbacktag.jpg montgmfront1.JPG
  2. I think it just depends on where it was made and who made it. This is probably one of those little variations that have occured through time (i.e. the zipped/patch pocket in the Mezzo and the stitching around the vachetta on the outside pocket of the MC Alma).
  3. I had this backpack back when I did my undergrad and sold it later. I dont remember the date code tab specifics. I dont have the old pics of it so I cant help much except to offer good luck on your sale! Your bag looks great to be 3 years old so I'm sure you'll get a great price.
  4. Thanks Rebecca and mlowran, I put it up and all. I never really used it...I thought it was gonna be one of those forever kinda buys and uses but i just fizzled out on it and just never see myself using it again. hopefully it'll go to a good home :yes:

    thanks :heart:'s

  5. Please post all date code questions in the Date Code Questions thread in the Reference Library section. Thanks!
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