Date with Jamiroquai

  1. ooooo, I'm so excited. My husband's work is hosting a private "do" at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam in 2 weeks.

    Jamiroquai is headlining! Yeah! Now, what do I wear? We're in a private area and there are going to be about 50 people in there, mostly work colleagues.

    I saw this top on NAP and quite like it. I need something funky yet classy. I have similar jeans so thought I might go for this look.

    Please let me know what you think and any other suggestions you may have. BTW - any online stores that are located in Europe or ship to Europe will be a great help.

    Cal :flowers:
    tbagtop.jpg tbagtop1.jpg
  2. I love the look but was wondering if for evening it would look even greater if both the top and pants are the same color for a more elongated look?-just a thought!
  3. That'd be a really cute outfit - it sounds so exciting ! I think the casual yet chic look would really work best.
  4. i actually love the top. hmmmm. very sexy too.i am so excited for you. have fun.
  5. Oooo, I've found it at Shopbop in a Green colour. I think I prefer this.
  6. Thanks D & G, it's gorgeous!
  7. Ooh I love the outfit! It'd look great with a chunky necklace/bracelet! And that kind of top is universally flattering on almost everyone so you can't go wrong with it!
  8. the outfit is perfect IMO!!!!:biggrin:
    you should add a catchy neckace or a pair of earrings+a bracelet, or for example a flower in your'd look faboulous!
    BTW you're a lucky girl!!
    (maybe too sparkling?)

    (i don't know if you like it!!!i like Hello Kitty so much...:shame:smile:
  9. ooooooooo I love jamiroquai!!! how lucky you are - they do a fabulous show!!! your outfit looks way cute and comfy enough to get down and boogie! have fun!
  10. lucky u , have fun and i like the outfit
  11. hahaha! perfect! with a python bag!:yes:
  12. I love this top...they have it in black charmeuse (kind of silky and sliky) with the leather! It is at . They do deliver internationally....
  13. I LOVE jamiroquoi!! i have a definite thing for Jay Kay
  14. lucky you!!!!!