Date stamps...

  1. much to my surprise i found a gorgeous vintage 30cm chocolate box kelly at the goodwill :wtf: today !!!! naturally i couldn't let her stay there so i took her home with me. anyway, i took a look at the date stamp on the inside...... what year is B?

  2. No way....!!!!!!!!!!!!! What on earth? Great!
    B in a square is 1998, I think...
  3. ^^^^^^^Whhaaaaaa!!!! How come I never have this luck? I am doomed to pay retail, aren't I?

    BTW, it's 1946 it's a B by itself.
  4. ^^oops! I missed the word "vintage"--!!
    Great find!
  5. get out!!! No way! PICS, PICS, PICS!
  6. it's B within a circle
  7. That's incredible! How lucky. I think I'm doomed along with you, HG.
  8. So ...

    B on its own is 1946
    B in a square is 1998

    B in a circle ? Could it be that the square stretched out? Or is there an even older vintage than 1946?!!!:lol:
  9. 1972.
  10. ^^ Yeah! HG (knowledge bank) to the rescue!

    brian, please post pics. Please please please:yahoo:

  11. That is SO cool! You are SO lucky!!!! Congrats!!!!:yahoo:
  12. Is it in good shape?
  13. :nuts: thanks hermesgroupie!!

    i'll try to post pics as soon as i can find the cord for my cam.... :drool::drool:
    the bag is in okay condition, the leather has gotten kind of slouchy and looks just amazing,...very beautiful patina...the handle is a little bit chewed up :s and the inside is kind of dirty. but it really is still so beautiful!!
  14. NO BLOODY WAY!!!! Brian, what a SCORE! 1972 Kelly????? ARGGGHHH!!! All I ever find in my Salvation Army is stuff with fringe and grandma's hand-made doily's!
  15. waiting ...

    waiting .......

    waiting ............

    Where are the photos! I am dying to see choc box, even mor so vintage, so I can extrapolate what my (hope to be) chox box could possibly look like, and it's gonna seal it or kill it for me.