Date Stamps???

  1. Just wondering how I decipher the date stamps. I am looking at a Speedy 25 on eBay that is stamped: SD00035
    What does this mean?
    Thanks for the help!!!!
  2. It was made in USA in March '05 :smile:
    How do I decipher date stamps for future items?
    Also, could you give me some tips on spotting fakes on eBay?
    Thanks Irene...
  4. The difference between:
    Model/Serial Numbers- M45257, for example. If you see this inside the bag anywhere, it's FAKE.
    Date Code- SD0035 SD= made in USA, First and third numbers are the month, second and fourth numbers stands for the year.

    Now as for spotting fakes, there are many ways to tell...

    Hanging tags are a red flag for a fake. Now some sellers, like let-trade for example, hangs their tags sometimes like the picture posted below.

    And just because a bag has a date code, it doesn't guarantee it authentic...