Date Stamp

  1. I have a quick question to all you ladies who have gotten a bag for 2007. Do your bags have J stamp or K stamp? Mine still has the J stamp even though the dustbag is the new one ... A bit confused ...
  2. Kou, it is not uncommon for the first 2-3 months of the year to have the previous year stamp. They were sitting waiting to be shipped. They don't stamp them as they go out the door:smile: I have a Kelly that I bought in March, and it had the previous year stamp,
  3. This probably is the transaction period. Usually, all the bags could be updated to K stamp around March. What new bag do you got?
  4. what did you get K? Did I miss out? please update me! now Im so curious!

    and btw...about the date stamps... yep I saw a new Birkin in the store...looked at it..and date code was still J and with the new dustbags...
    Just like you said!
  5. The same bag that I said I will reveal at year end or when I get a better job ... whichever that comes first ... or later ... not a B or K, but I love it to death
  6. hmm... so we won't see it YET?
  7. Aw....I was dying of curiosity!! But I understand, it's must be a nice bag since you passed up a lot of drool worthy items to get it and you probably don't want any implications associacted with it.
  8. My 35cm Gold Clemence was a J stamp and came with the new dustbag as well.
  9. My etoupe birkin swift is k stamp and came with the new dustbag. I only bought it recently