Date stamp question

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  1. Hi girls, I have a date stamp question to ask. The thing is, there is one cute hobo paddy is selling with a receipt. Well, the bag looks great, but the tricky thing is--the date stamp is "01-06-53" and if I got it right, it means the bag was produced in January, 2006. But the date on the receipt is 2005. :graucho:

    I just want to make sure that I did not understand the date stamp in a wrong way. So ladies, how should the date stamp be read? :flowers:
    receipt.JPG 4.JPG
  2. I checked all my paddys and it seems the 05 or 06 stands for year so I think you're right about it :smile:
  3. Thanks sonja! :heart:

    How about that "53" then? :rolleyes:
  4. Sorry I dont know about it, some of my paddys have this kind of 6 digits serial, some of them have longer... But I'd love to find out what it means :biggrin:
  5. I think the "01" "02" "03" refers to the season: Spring, Summer, Fall ???
  6. Yea the first 2 numbers - I think you're right hmwe, that definitely makes sense! :o)
  7. Oh, right! Thanks hmwe46! :flowers:
  8. I wrote an email to Chloe company, hopefully will get the answer soon.:P
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