date stamp code?

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  1. It is possiple for LV bag to have tthe same date code in their bag. I have notices that some of the collection have the same letter and number.:wtf:
  2. The letters denote where the bag was made and the numbers tell you month and year. So, I guess the answer is yes since I'm sure lots of bags are made in a month. Is that what you're asking?
  3. mine says made SDOO56 meanning may 2006? what does the SD mean?
  4. SD is the location where it was made (the specific factory). SD could be a US factory or a France factory (your Louis Vuitton made in ______ stamp will tell you what country).
    And is extremely common for bags to have the same date code. You'll really notice this in the limited edition lines where bags are being produced for a one-shot sale.
  5. My said FL1023 so where and when anyone knows?