Date of Saks EGC Event?

  1. I know its at the end of Aug but I thougt someone said it was the last Thurs of the month which would be the 29th but then I thought someone mentioned it was tommorow, the 22nd? Just to clarify! Thanks and happy shopping ladies!:smile:
  2. Its tomorrow
  3. ok great, Thanks!
  4. tomorrow, can't wait.
  5. Tomoooooorrow tomorrow I love ya tomorrow its only a daaaaaaaaaay aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  6. hahaha yeah!!
  7. I can't wait either...thinking of getting a...what else...a new bag. :yahoo:
  8. Forgive me for my ignorance, but I am rather new here. What is the EGC event?
  9. When you buy a certain amount, they give you a gift card for a certain amount. Buy some, get some.

    I wanted to get a navy gst but doesn't look like Saks bought that color.
  10. What the 411 on getting your gift card?
    Do you get your give card at the time of your purchase? Or do they mail it to you ?
  11. If u pick up ur bag on the 23rd, u get ur gift card then.Yayyyyy!!!!!
  12. so they give it to you at the counter when you pay?
  13. I'm assuming you get a gift card with every applicable purchase that you make, ie, if you buy something on line and in the store, you'll get two gift cards, correct?
  14. your SA can send it to you if you are doing a charge send and if you are going to the store, you will have to go to counters that they've set up to collect your GC.
  15. Thanks, can I get different cards for different purchases, or is there a limit? I'm thinking of getting two bags, so I'd get 2 gift cards?