Date My Mom

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  1. Discovered this amazing show on MTV last night when I was suffering from insomnia.

    It really makes me question humans. I mean, who are these people? And why do they go on shows like these? Where do they even find these people?

    I hope none of you ladies have been on it because if so then my foot is officially in my mouth. :Push:
  2. This show is so funny! Its the most scripted reality tv show ever and the people on it are terrible actors. I was LMAO for all the wrong reasons.
  3. I wish when I was 18 I was on that show. My mom was so cool.....

    And pretty.
  4. That show is sooo ridiculous. And Parental Control...and Next...and that one where the friend spies on the prospective dates in a bus and uses fake lie detection get the drift.
  5. The dating shows on MTV and are so scripted and fake! I think that's what makes them soooo funny. A lot of the lines are so lame that it makes me laugh cause it's just stupid!

    The way some of these kids talk to the parents on parental control is just crazy!!
  6. A girl I know was on this show when it first came out. She never even got to go on one date with the guy. MTV apparently never gave them each others phone numbers or something like that. LOL!