Date for the Weekend? (bag date!)

  1. Hi ladies!

    Which of your bags has a "date" with you this weekend and where are you taking her? The post with the small silver gucci ponchette (is that the name?) has inspired me to travel light...
  2. Awww im not taking my gucci's out this w/e. Im still toting my LV neo cabby gm. But i would love to hear everyone else's response.
  3. My Large Chain hobo went with me to buy a new car!! YAY for my new XC90! AND YAY for my Gucci!
  4. wow, congrats on the car... what is a XC90? lolz, im clueless
  5. Sounds awesome... my friend got a new gucci and brought it out this weekend with us... totally cute, although I don't know the name... I should've asked! It's logo with braided leather up the sides... I'd look it up on their website but I have to start getting ready for the superbowl party!
  6. [​IMG]
    GucciLover, This is an XC90. Its a Volvo! YAY! I'm so excited! Can't you just see my Large Chain Hobo sitting in the passenger seat?! :yahoo::graucho:
  7. Wooo hoooo :wlae: Congrats on a LOVELY car!!! that is really nice. That car goes perfectly with your large chain hobo!!! good job :tup:
  8. that bag is so classic. :smile:
  9. i think i may bring out my indy. It might not match what im wearing but im going to a bridal shower and i want to show her off.. lolz. I saw the same group of ladies last week at a bday party, so i have to switch it up a bit :p - Is that shallow? haha
  10. Not shallow, you just want all your babies to get some attention.
  11. aww thanks gucci fan. But the thing is, i hate when people ask or make comments on my bag. It's weird. I don't mind the, "oh i like your bag" or "your bag is cute" but when they get into saying stuff like, "ugh, another bag?" or "how much did you pay for this one?" that's when i get weirded out... and it makes me feel uncomfortable. But my latest response has been... "you don't wanna know"... lolz then i tell them the price is on the website. But it's ok, unneccessary comments does not stop be from being my goodies out.
  12. ^^ gucci lover don't get me started!!!! "how much did that cost"... "how do you afford that...." argh.... it goes on and on.

    And to answer the question I am switching to my chocolate fendi spy this weekend. I know - traitor. Sorry - But it's been a while!!

  13. I saw a woman the other week at the airport with a positano and it made me realise how perfect that bag is for the aeroplane.... but then again... without a zipper you are right about being wary of your junk falling out!!:yes: