Date Codes

  1. Can you help me find the date codes, if they exist in the following bag:


    I don't doubt the authenticity of my bags 'coz I bought all of them from the LV store but I have been looking for the date codes and I can't seem to find them.
  2. Sonatine: check the seam pocket, it should be along the seam in the pocket

    Parioli:behind the D ring

  3. congrats on your new bags..welcome to PF
  4. HAHAHAHHAHA so that's where it is hiding! Been looking for it for a while. Thanks very much bagsnbags!
  5. ^ no problem..
  6. welcome!
  7. bagsnbags,

    Is that a parioli in the picture?
  8. thanks as well ch3rryb3rry!

  9. yes..unless newer style doesn't have D ring..
    did you find the date code??
  10. Yup, I found it in the parioli which I am using right now. However mine doesn't have the LV gold metal. Just the ring and the date code at the back. I bought mine in Selfridges in London.

    I'll check the sonatine when I get home.

  11. Yours is newer style...cheaper for LV to produce without that LV stud..:rolleyes:
  12. i don't think my damierAlma has a datecode - could that be right?
    now I have to go check . .
  13. The date code should me inside the pocket, printed in piece of leather
  14. help! still cant find the date code on my sonatine :sad:
  15. Dont worry as long as you bought it from the boutique. Sometimes the date code can rub off of the microfiber.