date codes

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  1. what do they say normally? and when you purchase an item is it the series of numbers that start with m?? on the receipt
  2. That's actually the serial number you're referring to. The date codes usually have two capitalized letters (stating where it's from) following 4 numbers (the month and year it was produced).

    Sorry, I should've given an example:

    AR0035 (AR means it's made in France (don't know the city..???)), and the 1st and 3rd digit stand for the month (03 = March) and the 2nd and 4th stand for the year (05 = 2005).

    Hope that helps!
  3. oh ok!! its hard to understand. Whats the serial number thingy then??
  4. ^I think it's just for reference in case someone (i.e., SA, sales manager, etc.) wants to look up an item faster on the database (whether it's still being made, if it's available...).
  5. Yeah, basically the MODEL number so they know what item it is!
  6. ^True! Thanks for the clarification!

  7. You did awesome!! I happened to be looking through the catalog at the time and just thought I would give the name! LOL :yes:
  8. Also, just in case it isn't clear, date codes and model numbers are different. You mentioned date codes in the title but was actually refering to the model number.

    FYI: The date codes are the ones found stamped inside the item.

  9. Aww, you're too kind! :shame: