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  1. How do you read the date codes. I know I'm the least LV educated out of all! :lol:
  2. for example VI0982

    VI = Country Code
    08= Month August
    92= Year 1992
  3. Thank you EVERLONG.And that indicates when the product was made?
  4. It indicates when and where it was made...any other info than that would be too specific and Laurence, our resident SA on this board will get on us for telling secrets hehe.
    SAs aren't supposed to tell you what codes mean since it makes it easier for fakers to copy.
  5. O:huh::huh::huh::huh::huh::huh:hH, thanks lvbabydoll!
  6. You're welcome :smile:
    Hope that helped a bit.
  7. If it has more than 4 digit numbers, does it mean it's fake? I saw some on ebay that has more than 4. Thanks.
  8. More than 4 digits is fake,STAY AWAY:yes: . But older date codes have 3 digits only.
  9. remember special order items do not follow this code
  10. What type of code do they have ?
  11. They cuirrently have 2 letters and four numbers The letters are the city in which the factory is located. the numbers the month and date. Take the first and third for the month and the second and for the the year. For Example: SD0024 means (San Dimas, Calif. Feb 2004
  12. its usually SR and a serial of numbers. please correct me if im wrong! :idea:
  13. I think special orders have different format codes too. I once saw a small looping bag in red epi at the boutique, the SA said it was a special order (then she said, "it's very expensive for you"...which I didn't know how to respond). But anyway the code was different, I remember it having one letter (or maybe two) and a bunch of numbers following it. Of course i didn't know how to decipher it.
  14. Sorry to hear that talula :sad: How rude is that!:censor: SA:rant: .You're so nice:flowers: I would have given him/her the:censor: and demand to speak to the manager.
  15. Whoah!!! That was uncalled for! I can't believe an SA was that rude to you! Gosh, I'm so sorry to read this.:sad: You do not deserve to be treated that way. Did this happen recently? Where was this? I would definitely speak to the manager about this or write a letter of complaint to CS.
Thread Status:
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