date codes...

  1. I've noticed that on Ebay,,
    some date codes have coloring in them... such as red, and another one has just the imprint, but no coloring...

    which one is correct?
  2. I don't think it should have any color in it. The date code is usually the color of the tab:
    datecode.JPG datecode2.JPG
  3. [​IMG]
    here is an example...
  4. I just looked on eBay and a lot of authentic damier pieces seem to have the date code stamped in red. I guess I was wrong.:shame:
  5. So red stamp is possible???..

    *__*" mm how about that picture?? i saw the same ones... but 2 different stamps!
  6. Maybe red is the newer stamp version.:shrugs: I am just guessing here.
  7. Yes, it's possible to have red stamp especially on damier pieces
  8. ^^yes the red stamp is possible.
    Also, there are white/silver & red stamp on the black epi.
    I've also seen orangy stamp as well...but it might be the same red stamp on the Damier and it just looks orange b/c of the pic.
    There are more colors...I just can't recall them...when I do I'll repost.
  9. does the picture i posted w/ the red stamp look valid though?
  10. ^ u should prob post more pics of the bag. just the date code alone is not enough to judge.. :flowers:
  11. It looks good to me...however the datecode alone isn't a sole item for authentication. Perhaps you could post the link in the "authenticate this" section where we can see the "whole" bag.

  12. Hehehe...we posted at the same time...AND the same thing ;)
  13. I knew that ebay ID looked familiar!
    I was just looking at this seller's items.
    The auction has ended now...but I seriously think that the bag is authentic. All her/his other bags look authentic too.

    Did you get it?
  14. [​IMG]

    here are the photos...