Date codes: where does "DU" come from?

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  1. I already tried to do a search in the rest of the threads for this, but haven't found it listed.
  2. i never seen a DU before :P
  3. Bags with DU originate in France. (You're talking about a monogram bag, correct?)
  4. France :yes:
  5. Yes, it is a monogram bag and says Made in France. Thank you :smile:
  6. DU is also on damier items. It is on my special order damier looping MM.
  7. ^^ I didnt know you had a SO Damier Looping! I WANT TO SEE :drool:
  8. Please post all date code questions in the Date Code thread...

    Thank you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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