Date Codes & Protection against fakes?

  1. First of all, thanks everyone for all your help authenticating a MC speedy 30 I am considering buying. When I talked to LV, the SA mentioned some LV bags do not have a date code on them, and the bag I am considering purchasing has no date code according to the seller. Kittie said some date codes on Alcantara tend to rub off and that there have been some cases of new bags without a date code.

    So 2 questions.... 1) Where do I go from here -- should no date code be a red flag?
    I've posted many pictures in the authenticate this section, and all have passed. Should I ask the seller how old the bag is? Do you think its safe to buy?

    2) How do I protect myself if I end up getting a fake? How do I pay via CC over paypal? I usually pay with paypal but it doesn't show up on my credit card, it just comes directly out of my bank account. Am I covered with that? Also, would you reccomend that as soon as I get the bag, I post pictures to ensure I'm getting an authentic bag and not a bait-and-switch? The seller has a 7-day return policy.

    Thanks again for all your advice! You all are truly soooo helpful :smile:
  2. We can't speak for you. If you are unsure then DON'T do it. Usually if you have a bad feeling then trust yourself.

    I have to say, most of the people here that authenticate DO know what they are talking about!
  3. To answer your questions in order...
    1- The date code CAN rub off on the alcantra lined bags such as the MC and the Cherry Blossom. More importantly though, you'd need to look at the heat stamps on the key clochette and the bag itself as well as the screws on the underside of the push lock. If those got the ok then you'll be fine.

    2- It is the easiest to pay through paypal with a CC (preferrably Amex since they seem to be better with getting buyer's money back should paypal fail them). However, you should be safe if you use paypal. And also, when/if you receive the bag, take pictures of all the vitals I mentioned and post them on the authentication thread here for help.
  4. I thought there was alway a date code on LVs But i could be wrong.

  5. ^^^^^

    ITA with Dell.....Don't risk it is you have doubts....!!!!!
  6. Oh yes... I am not expecting you guys to answer for me -- its just that I've never bought a bag off eBay, and never bought a bag not from the LV store so I just need as much advise as I can. I know you guys are experts at authenticating and I feel comfortable with the transaction -- I just wanted to make sure the date code thing wasn't sending off any red flags with the experts!

    Thanks all for your help --- I am going to set it up so that I can pay by Amex or Visa through PayPal and will take pictures as sure as I receive the bag so I can verify again with you guys that it is in fact authentic.