Date codes on wapity and pti

  1. This may have been talked about recently, but I'm new to the forum and I'm wondering if my mono wapity and mono pti have date codes. If they do, they're sure not easy to find.
  2. you just have to keep looking! look near the seams and by the zipper. For the PTI, it's always under one of the compartments very close to the seam. Make sure not to pull too hard or you might rip your wallet!
  3. They both have date codes. I don't have my wapity with me right now, correct me if I'm wrong but I think it's inside the little pocket near the seam , need good lighting to see it as it's heatstamp on the alcantra. As for the PTI it should be near the seam as well. As shown in the pic- mine's a Vernis PTI but they should be located on the same spot. Have fun searching!!;)
  4. wapity is inside the pocket along the seam I believe. The pti is along the seam behind the card slots..