Date Codes on Speedy 30s

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  1. where are they located....i tried looking for it on mine and i cant find it but i ordered mine from Louis Vuitton (1866vuitton) so i know its real....what the f lol:shrugs:
  2. lift up the inside pocket and its on one of the tabs.
  3. [​IMG] HTH
  4. ahhhh thanks. thats a sneaky i woulda never noticed it. THANKS SO MUCH! I was worried! and i was like great....for a sec i thought like freakin scam people had intercepted my call or somethin
  5. Lol
  6. lol for real...i was like ohh geez...that would happen to me. [​IMG]
  7. Hi you sound like me, when I got my Speedy I immediately looked at the Date Code and again looked at the Date Code when I got in the car :angel: . Thanks to this site, I knew my Speedy was from 06. And it was fun finding the Date Code.
  8. is it the same for the multicolore speedy 30 as well?
  9. Nope, look inside the *inside*pocket. Its along the seam and its very hard to see.
  10. Here's a pic for reference:

  11. lol. we should have a date code sticky!
  12. under the patch pocket flap on the right side on thar leather tab thingy!! :P
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