Date codes on looping bags and drouot bags?

  1. My step daughter just purchased two used LV bags from a very reputable personal friend of hers. Anyway, she is curious about the date codes on the bags but is having a hard time finding them.

    Can anyone help? Thanks!
  2. I don't have mine with me today but I'm pretty sure on my mini looping the date code is in the inside zipped pocket. You have to pretty much turn the pocket inside out to find it...
  3. I have both the mini looping and the Looping GM. Which bag in particular are you referring too? They are both in 2 different posted below for reference.
  4. I don't either purse with me right now (still trying to use my BH before the weather is too cold!) ...Anyway, I went back on Let-trade and they have tons of reference photos...

    The mini looping the date code is in the zipper inside pocket - see photo below:

    and then for the Looping GM - the large purse it is on the tab at the top.


    Hope that helps.
  5. Congrats to your step daughter on her new bags :smile:
  6. She got the large looping bag-I believe it is the MM?

    Thanks! I will have her check there-anyone know anything about the drouot?

    OK-talking to her now on Yahoo-and she is saying she found the date code for the looping bag on a tab inside the pocket, but, from the pictures she has shown me, it looks like the larger bag. This bag was made in 2001-is it possible they put the date code in the pocket back then for the larger bag also?
  7. two great bags! are they her first?
  8. The Large Looping is the you will want to refer to the inside tab, I posted photos above showing the date code under the tab. Ops. forgot to congrats your daughter!!! shame on me.
  9. Yes, these are her first LVs and yes, she is way excited! She is even doing the baby wipes technique on them!

    OK-so, we found the date code on the looping-it is SD1021

    Anyone know about the Drouot?
  10. The date code on the Drouot is located to the right of the interior pocket on the opposite side close to the zipper:

  11. ah-I was waiting for you john-I knew you would know where it was on the drouot! Thanks!