Date Codes changing for 2007!!

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  1. There are 2 posts going on right now - one about discontinuing datecodes in 2007 and then another about the date code - sp0027..

    Well, turns out that LV is changing it's format for date codes for 2007!

    Just thought I would share this with everyone, as the two links below should really be joined as one thread....
  2. thanks for the info :smile:
  3. Thanks:flowers:
  4. Thank you for this :smile:
  5. thanks for the info!
  6. No problem, glad to see LV is keeping up with the changing times!!!

    ...With all the LV :love:ers on this site, anyone else with a 2007 datecode?
  7. This hasn't been confirmed yet.. :smile:
  8. Good point, which is why I aksed w/all the LV lovers on this site if anyone else bought a purse made in 2007, with an '07 datecode.....guess only time will tell for sure....:graucho:
  9. Thanks for the info!
  10. thanks for the update! CRUCIAL Info to know! =)
  11. It has been confirmed - NEW DATE CODES FOR 2007!!!!
  12. oh, thanks a lot! :flowers:
  13. Sounds like a great excuse to buy a new bag!!!
  14. Yes, I new mini lin speedy has a date code of SP0027 which is why this topic was brought up..I was panicked last night and started a thread on this!! I s/w my SA and she confirmed this morning:smile::smile: Mine was made in Spain the second week in January 2007

  15. Thank you so much for sharing your original concern with everyone, now we all have something new to look forward too when purchasing our next LV!!! :graucho:
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