date code ?

  1. Re: Date Codes
    how about the wallet organizer ? where do you see a Date code ? (if any) It does say made in France ?
    I also have SD0086 for my Damier Alma- Pls verify if that means August of 2006 and also on my PH SD 1015 ?:confused1:

    Thank you so much
  2. do you mean the zippy wallet? zippy organizer? or passport organizer?

    yes Aug 2006 also Nov 2005
  3. [​IMG][​IMG]Louis VuittonWallet Organizer$615.00

    Thank you for verifying the date codes for the bags:yes: . Here's the wallet ....[​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
  4. I can't find the datecode in my vernis zippy wallet? Where is it?
  5. date codes are very hidden. Usually hidden near seams of where 2 pieces of leather join. It may take a while to find them. Just think of it as a puzzle. Usually SD means San Dimas