Date code question

  1. Should there be a space between the letters and numbers, like this: XX 1234
    or should they be close together like this: XX1234?
  2. hope this helps

  3. No space.
  4. So if there is a secondhand bag on eBay from a well-known MPRS/ALVA seller and the date code has a space,does that mean it's fake?
  5. could you post pic's of the bag date code?
    hard to say if its a space or the date code rubbing off. Also depends on the bag.
  6. It's one of the codes that is on the back of the leather holding the D-ring. On some sellers' bags (same style) there is no space; on this one there is.

  7. tthis is off a mezzo or piano..

    attached is the date code off my piano for reference
  8. So which bag is being sold from a well-known MPRS/ALVA seller with the space?
    is that your first pic?
    if so can we have a link to that auction?
  9. Never mind i found the link

    I wouldnt worry about her, But not sure why it has a space..

    here is one from let-trade
    [​IMG] no space, this is how mine looks.

    this is from paris chic[​IMG]

    perhaps email Idy and ask. I would have said it as the year te bag was made but mine an let-trade are the same year as Idy's bag
  10. Good detective work! Thanks for your help!
  11. Still kinda confused on this. The let-trade photo sort of has a space. Does anyone out there have a Cabas Piano with a space in its date code?
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