date code question: CA in France?

  1. Does that exist? I thought all CAs were Spain...anyone know?
  2. Yeah, CA date codes mean the product should be made in Spain, if it says it was made anywhere else, I'd be VERY suspicious.

    Lee69 just saved me from bidding on a fake cles that has a CA date code but said "made in France."
  3. Bonjour,
    made in France: AN, AR, AO, AS, A1, AC, CA, CT, FL, FR, MB, MI, NO, ND, RA, SL, SP, TH, VI, VR
    made in U.S.A: FH, FF, OS, SD
    made in Spain: LM, LO
    made in Italy: SA
  4. CA is made in Spain unless they've a factory in France?:blink:
    Lv obsessed the cles actually said made in Spain but the date code starts with SP,don't worry it's fake anyway;)
    DSC09945.jpg DSC09946.jpg
  5. hi trosson, r u sure? because some of my lv mc's are made in spain and it said CA ?
  6. I got worried there coz I bought the cherry pochette recently and it said made in France but had a code starting with TH. I thought it was Thailand.... :smile:.
  7. Every CA piece I've ever had has been made in Spain~
  8. Yeah, my Suhali cles has CA and it is made in Spain. I don't believe I've ever seen CA made in France; it's a possiblity though, I suppose.
  9. all my CAs are spain...*sigh*...better not to risk it.
  10. A while back, anne-bag on eBay had an Attequant I believe for sale... The heat stamping read "made in France", but the datecode started with a CA? I was confused and have always wondered as well.