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  1. Bought a Petite Noe at LV in Tysons Corner today. The date code looks like it says AR1016? That would mean 11/06 - which is in the future - how could that be?? Any experts have an explanation for that? thanks!
  2. Bonsoir, have a look again, are sure that the 6 is not a 5 ? Sometimes it difficult to see very well.
  3. Did you get a mono one or epi?
  4. Its a mono and I swear it looks like a 6 - i'll have another look
  5. ok now that I look closer - i think it may be a 4 so that makes it 11/04 which makes more sense. The 4/6 was right on the seam so it was hard to see
  6. YAY!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Petit Noe!!!:love:
  7. hi, can someone advise where can i find this date code? jus bought a monogram petite noe off yahoo auction and would like to verify it, but not sure where to find it. Will it be found on all petite noe bags?
  8. I would look in the reference thread.
Thread Status:
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