Date code on LV Mat Fowler?

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  1. I just dug my Fowler out of my closet and was looking around for the date code, where is it?

  2. Hi, if you open your zipper and look inside the bag where there is the leather lining the zipper, it should be embossed at the end where the zipper pull is after you open the bag. Tell me if you find it! =)
  3. mas2388: Thank you for the tip! I will look for it after I get home from work today.
  4. How do you interpret a date code? The one on my Batignolle Horizontal, about 4 weeks old, is SD0026.
  5. that means your bag was made 02/2006
  6. I am so into the mat material right now, I think it's really beautiful and classic!
  7. hey honu did you find it?
  8. I finally found it! It's MI0082. I was panicking that it didn't have a date code! :wtf: Thanks again!!!
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