date code on epi items

  1. just a quick question:

    if you have an epi bag, does the date code tab match the color of the item? So a black Alma will have a black leather tab with the numbers and a red speedy will have a red leather tab with the numbers? Also...are they both found in the inner pockets? Thanks in advance~
  2. my petite noe (black 1999) the date code is located at the end of the strap
  3. my epi bucket (looks like it's from 2004 though I just bought it) has the date code on a leather tab at the side seam that matches the color of the bucket/lining. The tab is the same tab that has the ring to attach the pochette.
  4. My mandarin epi speedy has a mandarin leather tab inside the pocket with the date code on it.
  5. On my jasmin, it's inside the pocket.
  6. my mandarin speedy has mandarin tab inside with the datecode on it and my yellow noe has it written on the strap
  7. thanks guys!!! this has been so helpful!!!