Date code missing from new Petit Noe?

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  1. Ok. I'm getting paranoid.... I bought my brand new Petit Noe from the LV Century City store from my regular SA last week. It looks perfect, however, I've never paid attention to date codes before, but I was looking for the date code on my new bag and can't find it.... I have looked inside and on the outside of the bag. No date code! Did LV forget to stamp it onto the bag?

    I saw on an old thread featuring a pic of a Black Epi Petit Noe that showed where the date code was on the small leather holder attaching the large D-rinsgs to the outside of the bag where you would attach the strap to the Epi Noe...... so I checked the same areas on my Petit and pulled the leather thingys (not sure what to call them) back on both sides of the outside of the purse and do not see any date code at all. Is it missing? Did LV forget to stamp it? :s The bag says made in France on the side leather strip. Help!
  2. Look at your straps. now, pull down on each side where the strap meets the canvas. It will be there.

    Be careful, sometimes it is SO tight you may only see a little of it

  3. OMG!!! Thank you!!! I found it!!! It was super tight and hidden away! Whew!!! :sweatdrop:

    It says AR1006 or maybe it's AR7006? (I can't tell if it's a 1 or a 7 but maybe it's a 1.) Can you tell me what the date code means?

    Thx again!
  4. AR is the factory code (where it was made)

    Put the first and third numbers together and you have the month it was made

    Put the second and last numbers together you have the year it was made

    I'm sure the first number is a one
    so it was made in oct of 06


  5. Wow!!! Thanks for the info.... So, AR is a factory in France since the side of the bag says made in France. Cool! Now I can stop being paranoid and leave work and go eat something - I'm starving and I have to wrap X-Mas presents also! Yikes!

    Thanks again!!! :yes:
  6. Yes, it´s difficult to catch if you don´t know where to look.
  7. hehe funny cause one lv bag that i bought a few years back was made w/o a date code. it was a pochette. and i mean come on, if theres no tab then its not there LOL. i got it exchanged the next day
  8. Without a datecode, you sure? It´s not always in the tab..
  9. yeah for sure. they gave me another one though. they said that it could've been where the zipper was or whatever and i was like uhh theres no leather/alcantara to put it on.

    this was a monogram pochette.
  10. you guys got me all curious...i took all of my LV out and tried looking for date codes and i cant find them!!! im sure its in different place for different purse but usually where is it located??
  11. Usually in the canvas, behind d-ring, in the strap or in a little leather tab on the seam.
  12. What kinda bags do you have? I can tell ya where they might be located. ;)
  13. thanx lola but im pretty new to this so i need little more help~~ i hab mono sonatine, pleaty pouch, josephine pm etc....i just want to find at least one~ hab any idea anyone?? juss so curious~~~
  14. Sontaine [along seam inside the pocket]:


    Pleaty [along seam inside the pocket]:

    Josephine PM [behind trademark heat stamp([Louis Vuitton Paris made in _______) flap]
  15. thanx john 5!!! how do u know all this??? wow~ now i know my LV's date code!! it was fun looking for it~ thanx again~~