Date code location for Hampstead?

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  1. I just bought the Hampstead MM but haven't located the date code yet.... if you find out the location, please respond! Thx!
  2. If there are any pockets, have you looked inside of them along the seam? If they have alcantra lining, it might be a little hard to see?
  3. John:

    I used a flashlight and pulled out the zipper pocket and even looked under the leather zipper area and can't find the date code. I also used the flashlight to look through the whole purse including the other patch pocket and cell phone pocket. I still can't find the date code!!!

    The MM is made in Spain, though.... I hope someone can locate the date code. Oh well....:confused1:
  4. interested as well, since i can't find it either.
  5. It may be etched into the fabric inside the open pocket, along the seam
  6. I just got the Hampstead PM and I found the date code.... It is like you John and Addy suggested, in the left seam on the open pocket. On the actual pocket part..At least that is where it is on the PM. M10057 is mine.. I think...
  7. Maybe it's a 6 instead of a 5 :confused1:
  8. it's MI0057.... France the 5th week of 2007?
  9. Thanks will look again-would it be the same on MM size?

  10. It seems like it would be. It was a hard little bugger to find. But, once you see it , you're like " how did I miss that?" I hope you find it. It will ease your mind.. :yahoo:
  11. :yes:
  12. Yup, it's inside the pocket along the seam. It's kinda hard to see.

    I went to LV today and took a look myself. :p

  13. Thank you. :smile:
  14. Is yours made in france, not made in spain?
  15. Ok.... I found the date code on my Hampstead MM.

    I took a piece of transparent scotch tape and laid it on top of the date code in the open pocket seam. I ran my fingers on both sides of the pocket to leave an "impression" of the date code onto the tape. It worked!!! (I've been watching too much CSI!!!)

    It looks like: CA0057 and the bag says "Made in Spain" on the zipper pocket. So 5th week of 2007?

    Does CA mean Spain?
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