date code location for epi montaigne bowling

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  1. Hi, everyone

    I just purchased the epi montaigne bowling GM, and wonder where the date code is. It doesn't have any flap inside and I cannot find the code in places I would normally find. Thanks a bunch!!:roflmfao:
  2. i have one too...i have never bothered to look would be interested to know too
  3. look in the inside patch pocket and you will find a piece of leather sticking out with the date code on it. that's where mine is.

    make sure you feel around the packets edges to locate it. good luck!
  4. I found the code. It's inside the pocket on the right side corner. To view it well, you'll have view it from the side where the pocket is located. It's printed in white color, so kinda hard to see. I think my code is YR2047. It seems to be in older date format. I thought they changed in 2007.
  5. that's the new date format according to the 07 standards. oddly enough mine is on a tab and not imprinted on the fabric itself. they must have changed after first batch of production. glad you found it.
  6. Found mine too. It was on the pocket, stampted on the cloth. Barely see it but it's there.
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