Date code in perfo compact zippe??

  1. Anybody know where I can find it? I'm kind of new to LV, so I don't even know if they make date codes for small accessories like these...forgive me.
  2. [​IMG]

  3. Should I be freaking out if I don't have one there?!?! :wtf:

    I got mine from a department store in Japanese friend even helped me buy it and swore to me it was authentic.
  4. And that one looks so weird.. and blue.
  5. "Blue"? Perforated Compact Zippy Wallets were only made in Fuchsia, Orange, and Green, I thought?

    Hmmm... try to look harder... it's kinda hard to read. ;)
  6. I meant the date code in that pic is blue. I didn't realize you photoshopped it to make it visible.
  7. I have the green one, by the way...
  8. OK, so I just called 866-VUITTON and basically the representative told me in a roundabout way that not all bags have these codes and some are and are not visible? She said it's for the manufacturer and doesn't mean anything to anyone else. Basically she didn't tell me where mine should be. I guess she doesn't want me to make some fakes or something, I assume. And she kept stressing how they didn't make serial codes for each item to keep track, and so I asked "So does every bag have a code?" and she said no, some do and some don't or we just can't see it at all???

    I'm really confused.
  9. I usually won't tell a person where the date code is - that would suck if I had aided them in making a fake.

    I would be shot on the floor if my manager ever caught telling someone where a d/c is in a bag.

  10. Oh, I didn't know that. OK then!
  11. :P
  12. It is just taboo for any LV associate or even someone who works for 866-Vuitton to disclose that type of information. (Just so you know people who work for 866-Vuitton are not direct LV employees.)

    Don't feel bad for asking, but then again don't think we are trying to be difficult not wanting to tell you and or show you either.

  13. An SA told me that green perfo wallets are show wallets and with every store having only one or something. Does this limitability have anything to do with me not being able to locate my date code?

    Even after inspecting numerous times by myself and with friends, we all believe it's real.. I'll have to travel to Calgary later to get it authenticated by an SA.
  14. OK, I FOUND MY DATE CODE! It was extremely tricky to find, and even still I can hardly see it unless I pull on my wallet hard. It is MI0026 and it's in an inverted location than the pink one (if you turned it 180 degrees, it would be where the pink wallet's date code is).

    Pictures below, and circled where I (finally!) found the date code.
    DSC02082.jpg DSC02084.jpg DSC02083_dc.jpg DSC02091_dc.jpg DSC02081.jpg
  15. Awww... I'm glad you finally found it... lol.

    It looks great. :smile: