Date code in LV wallet

  1. Hi All,

    I just notice in my wallet, I couldn't find the date code. Does LV wallet have date codes ? if yes do you know where I can find date codes in Eugenie wallet ?
  2. i'm sure if you take a look behind the made in .. stamp tight along the seam you'll find it.

  3. Sonofa....I took out my old Nomad 6 CC wallet I bought at a LV boutique 6 years ago (roughly) but COULDN'T find the DATE code!!

    I'm sure it didn't have a DC.
  4. my friend bought bags through out the years from LV stores and sometimes they don't have date codes!
    he asked to eluxury and they said not to worry... sometimes they don't have ddate codes.

    i think the whole freaking out with date codes things sometimes are cause by those resellers on eBay who stated they know "everything" about LV and made some "LV guides" to justify their selling stuffs...
  5. Mine, I tried to look at it, doesn't have a date codes in Eugenie....Eugenie owners do you have one? So how to define the authenticity if no date codes?....Mine absolutely authentic since I bought it in LV Boutique Takashimaya but why there is no date codes.....
  6. Sometimes, some LV's don't have date codes when they usually should.

    If there isn't a date code present, there's no need to worry. Maybe the heat stamp is very faint or you aren't looking in the right spot.

    Try looking behind the two flaps in the wallet along the seam for the date codes.
  7. Nop...I tried to look all date code present.....
  8. i can't take a picture of the actual date code, but if you look inside the compartment under the ID window, it's there. see where i lifted it?
    eugenie 002.jpg
  9. Youxhonnetes,
    mine doesn't have. I've already check again compartment uner ID window...couldn't find any....
    May I know, where did you buy the wallet ? Is it made in france or USA.
    Why yours have, but mine no...
  10. Whether it was made in France or USA, it won't make any difference.

    Have you tried looking with a flashlight along every seam? It might be a little hard to see sometimes. But if you purchased yours from the boutique and can't find the date code, it's alright. The wallet is still going to function the same, right?
  11. yeah , I guess so....the function is still the same...but my worries is that I'm afraid I got the defect wallet. But if no date codes are common means that I no need to be worry....Also If I want to sell it someday, proabably it will hard to convinced the authenticity....but I want to ask one think, if the date codes is not so important, why in the forum there are so many people concern about date codes and its location?
  12. i bought mine at the Bloor St. boutique in Toronto.

    i suppose people fuss and henpeck over date codes for buying and selling purposes, or some just have an overwhelming need to know when their items were made. if the only so-called discrepancy on your wallet is a missing date code, i hardly think yours is a 'defect' wallet.
  13. I wonder the same thing... part of me sometimes wishes that LV's didn't have date codes because so many people freak out and think the item they purchased directly from the LV boutique is fake because they either cannot find their date code automatically or if their item doesn't have a date code. :s *sigh*
  14. My musette salsa, damier mini tribeca and mini lin 4 key holder bought from Paris in 2003 also did not have date code compared to the monogram canvas samur i bought at the same time. Just cannot find them. Even so the monogram key & change holder and billfold with 6 credit card slots wallets which i bought in singapore in 2006 have no date codes. Cannot find them, i also saw from the mini lin 4 key holder' slip/card that has the date code. I suppose too small items do not have date codes but i feel safe as i bought from LV directly with their receipts with me. If i buy online from other sellers with no receipts then i think i will freak out. So hard to tell the fakes sometimes.
  15. I wonder if someone can confirm or enloghten me on these :confused1: