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  1. Hi I am new - I understand (at least I think I do :confused1: ) that the last number of your date could would be the year of manufacture??
    If so, I have a question....if you purchase a brand new LV in 2006, it is likely that you would get a 2006 date code?? I bought one in late 2006, but the last number on the date code is 5...(2005?), and it came from a LV store.
    Should I be concerned?

  2. No, you shouldn't be concerned at all. Some of my items that I bought in 2006 had a 2005 date code, meaning that the item wasn't as popular and wasn't sold.

    As for deciphering... let's use the date code "SD1026".

    SD: Where it was made, in this case, San Dimas, CA
    First and third number, 1 and 2= December
    Second and fourth number, 0 and 6= 2006
  3. Thank you so much for your quick reply. I am soooo relieved.
    The only other thing that bothered me was that the patina looked a little darker than what I see on some of the newer ones..
  4. You're welcome!!!

    ...and soo sorry.. I was upset too when I purchased my Panda Cles, it had some patina on it... then when I went back to the boutique the next month, they had received 2 more with NO patina at all... :crybaby:
  5. I need help with the date code on my LV Multicolore Rift. I can't read it very well! I purchased it in November 2006 at Neiman Marcus. It starts with TH and ends with 7S or 75, and the middle numbers I can't make out at all. I've tried different lighting. Any ideas?
  6. Do you have a small flashlight that you can shine in there?
  7. Perhaps TH0075 meaning:

    TH- made in France
    First and third number, 0 and 7- July
    Second and fourth number, 0 and 5- 2005

    So it was made in France in July of 2005.

    Try using a flashlight to see it better? :idea:
  8. Thanks guys. TH0075 makes more sense than TH9875, which is what I thought it was originally. I'm trying the flashlight idea right now.

  9. It does happen, old stock.
  10. I am new to the LV thing..I just baught a mono speedy 25..will that have a date coded in it too? and if so, where? Thanks for the help. :smile:
  11. actually I just saw under the inside pocket SD0096 on the vahetta. Is that the date code? and does that mean it was made in 1996?
  12. Check behind the patch pocket on the leather tab:

  13. ok just kidding..I read the previous posts and I get it now.. it was made in sept. 2006. :smile:
  14. Thanks John know so much about Louis! :smile:
  15. SD- made in U.S.A
    First and third number, 0 and 9, the month it was made: September
    Second and fourth number, 0 and 6, the year it was made: '06

    So your Speedy was made in U.S.A. in September of '06.
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