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  1. In an effort to put a potential buyer's mind at ease, I went through my eluxury order history to try and find the record for my Mini Looping.
    I thought I had purchased the bag in 2002 but after reviewing my order history I think this might have been my Christmas gift from DH in 2000.

    The bag looks nowhere NEAR 6 years old since I pretty much put it away after a year of use, so I think I underestimated it's age.

    I have no idea how to read the date code
    Can you guys tell me when this bag was produced?

    The only reason I know it's an older bag now is because I purchased my Juliette AFTER ths looping and the order on the Juliette is Feb 12 of 01 (Valentine's Day :smile: )

    Does anyone know if elux keeps records that go further than 5 years?
  2. it was born september of 01
  3. San Dimas (SD) the first and third number = month
    the second and fourth = year
  4. Okay, then it was either my Christmas gift in 01 or possibly Valentine's Day of 02.
  5. sept 2001