Date Code help on Cerises Speedy

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  1. I just recently re-purchased a cerises speedy. My old speedy had a date code of SP0035 the new speedy's is SP0025. Can this be?? TIA
  2. my cerises speedy is SP0025
  3. Why not? SP0035 means March 2005 and SP0025 means Feb 2005. I've seen lots of cerises speedy with datecode of SP0025, SP0035, SP0045, etc. In fact, SP0025 are the most commonly seen, IMO. :yes:
  4. The date code indicates when the individual bag was made. The same style of bag can have different date codes because they were made at a different time. It's not uncommon.
  5. Mine had SP0025 date code as well.
  6. why are you uncomfortable with that?
  7. Thanks, No I don't have a problem with the date code as SP0025, just wanted to make sure it was legit:smile:
  8. mine has sp0015 is that uncommon?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.