Date code help for Perfo Plate

  1. I can't find the date code on my perfo plate and it's driving me crazy. Anyone know where it's at?:shrugs:
  2. I don't have one, but: It should be around the same place as the Perforated Cles.. it might be a little hard to read:


  3. Thanks so much! It was on the pocket but it is extremely hard to read. I can't even tell what the two letters are but I think I see an 0306 for the numbers.
  4. it helps if you use a flashlight!! I needed on to see it on my wapity. BTW John you seem to know alot, do you know where the date code is on the mono french purse (porte-monnais billets viennois)?? I have still not found it and did everything but rip it apart to locate it.
  5. did you decipher it?
  6. I'm not looks like FL0036.
  7. It should be located on the along the side:

  8. SD1005, yahoo I found it!! It's actually inside one of the pockets and you for sure have to use a flashlight to even see it!

    In this pic below, it's in the pocket my middle finger is in and too the left of my finger right at the seam.

  9. Yeah, it's in the same spot except this piece was turned up-side down. Congrats on finding it! ;)
  10. how come they are soo old, does that mean they just sat around without a buyer til I came along? Or maybe they aren't highly bought items like say a speedy would be? I mean I bought both my wallet & coussin on Aug 12, 06 (my bday) and the wallet is from 10/05 and the bag is from 12/04
  11. Yup... :sad:
  12. how's like poor little puppies at the pound just waiting for someone to come along and take them home to love them!!