Date code for my Vernis Ludlow?? :(

  1. Hey all,

    I was cleaning my Vernis Ludlow today (got all the dirty black out! :yahoo:) and I was looking for the date code, but I can't find it!

    Anybody know where the heck it is? lol
  2. Look in under the flap right behind the coin purse. If you are facing the snap, the date code is on the left side. Good luck!
  3. Not there??/ :sad: Maybe I got one without a date code?

    I bought it from a MPRS a while back, and she had written the date code on the auction - but since it's past 90 days, I can't see the auction anymore
  4. It should be there. Try using one of those mini flashlight-keychain thingy to assist. I almost strained my neck trying to read the date code on mine.
  5. It should be very very close to the seam exactly where suedoc mentioned. On vernis, it's more of embossed onto the leather unlike the Mono / Damier ludlow where it uses a contrasting ink color for the datecode so maybe it might be a little tougher to see.

    Good luck!
  6. Got it! I wasn't looking on the underside of the flappy thing :smile: Thank you all!
  7. So this thread just SAVED me today, my beautiful new wallet came and I was so panicked when I couldn't find the date code... they hide it well!