Date code for LV Mono Perfo?

  1. I need some help - where is the date code on the LV Mono Perfo?

  2. I would guess that it's inside the pocket.
  3. the date code is near the seam inside the pocket..are you looking for the date code from your fake speedy?? I guess will be in the same location..
  4. Haha, I don't know if it's a fake or not ... is it supposed to be on a tag or pressed into the lining? I guess if I can't find it, then there's not date code.
  5. I'm 97 percent sure that speedy is fake, unless Paris Hilton decided to give it away.
  6. It would be stamped onto the lining near the seam in the pocket.
    But it's fake.. :sad:
  7. If that's the Speedy you're refering to ,it's 1000% code or not still an obvious fake. ie/ date code does not = authentic.I really hope you get a refund.:yes: