Date code for LV Mongram with Zip wallet

  1. Where can I find the date code for this wallet? Thanks :smile:

  2. Its inside the zipper pocket along the seam.
  3. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. I'm sorry, I can't see the pictures. I checked inside the zipper pocket and I don't see anything at all :sad:
  5. Where did you purchase this at?
  6. on mine it is on the right side of the VERY back pocket.
  7. hth's
  8. I am getting very worried right now. I brought this wallet on eluxury, but I still can't find the date code, where "bag_fetish" posted the picture and I checked the very back pocket...heck, everywhere, to no avail.

    Would I look like a fool if I brought it in to the LV store to ask them. Do you think people could actually buy from elux and then return a fake one to them?
  9. You are worrying WAAAAAY too much. If you purchased an LV product from the boutique or eLux, it's 100% authentic.

    LV cannot reveal the location of date codes nor can they tell you how to decipher them.