DATE CODE EXPERTS: Why do my authentic LV bags have FUNNY date codes?/serial numbers?

  1. Hi everyone, I recently took pictures of my bags for the showcase and wrote down their serial numbers for organization and I noticed two very weird things about two bags:

    1. On my dark blue tst Josephine PM, the date code is VI 1102. Doesn't that mean then that my josephine was made in the month of October (10) in the year of 12? What's that? 1912? You've got to be kidding...

    2. On my Saleya pm, the date code is VI 1008. Does that mean then that it was made in the month of October 2008??? I don't think LV bags time travel...

    what is up with LV??? Am I missing something here? :blink:
  2. ???? Can you take pics of them and post it here??
  3. I will try and post pics as soon as I can. The Josephine shouldn't be a problem to take...the saleya is hard to do though since it's just embossed! I vaguely remember someone posting that their bag also had a serial number in the future...i hope they see this thread!
  4. I remember seeing that happen on an ebay auction. Supposedly LV made a mistake on coding using a 2007 or 2008 date. It was determined to be authentic by Carol at MP. I, personally, wouldn't buy a bag with an odd datecode. Only good thing is if you were to never sell it or wait until the date passes then sell.
  5. that helps for the saleya, but the josephine...that's just bizarre.
  6. I remember someone posting about this in another board, however after close inspection the number ended up being another and then the datecode did make sense.

    I recently bought mu Saleya MM and it has a 2006 datecode.

    I really would like to see pics.
    If you have macro settings in your camera you can yo can take very detailed close ups.
  7. *sigh* i have the latest lv bags but sadly, my camera is far from that...i will try my best!
  8. :lol:
  9. I recently saw a discontinued Mono Mini PTI with 2008 date code. :blink:

    The seller sells only authentic LV so I am confused. :shocked:

    Is LV changing its date code system? Not that anyone that works there would tell us... :sad:
  10. doesn't VI 1102 mean the bag was made in october 2002?
  11. Well, this is how things are supposed to go... the first and third numbers represent the month, and the second and last numbers represent the year.
  12. hmm well 1102 = 1 +0 for october and 1+ 2 for...not 2002...more like 1912 :yucky:
  13. Are you positive the third number is a 1?
  14. haha, kinda freaky!:graucho:
  15. i kept staring at it. I have to take another picture, but I won't be able to until a couple of days when my camera wants to work again...i'll take a picture and stare at it some more.