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  1. Hi everyone, it's my first post here =)

    i juss got a Vernis Bedford yesterday @ a LV store, n today morning i was trying to find the date code on my bag but i couldn't find it, i've checked the d-ring, nth's there also ><

    so can anyone help me?

  2. its along the seam.. might hard to see. I believe its along the seam that the zipper would be at when open.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. here is a new one it shows the date code on the seam along the zipper


  5. thank you so much Bag Fetish....i found it =)

    YAY!!!!!! but why some are on the seam but some are on the D-ring? is it becoz one's new n the other ones' old?
  6. the older one is on the d ring
  7. Congratulations and welcome....
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